Denali Highway

Image of a map of the Denali Highway

The Denali Highway, also known as Alaska Route 8, starts in Paxson on the Richardson Highway and spans about 135 miles to Cantwell on the Parks Highway. This highway was completed in 1957 and became the first road to Denali National Park.

The Denali Highway is mostly gravel – only about 20 miles are actually paved. It is currently infrequently traveled because it has been poorly maintained. It is closed to traffic from October to mid-May. The speed limit is around 30 miles per hour and washboarding and extreme dust are to be expected. Whether or not the Denali Highway should be fully paved remains uncertain and a source of debate.

Maya’s travels along the Denali Highway include adventures through Paxson, Maclaren, and Cantwell. And lots of dirt!

Maya’s blog posts about the Denali Highway

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