Husqvarna 250 1978

Air Time.

This motorcycle transported me into the wilder side, pushing me to the edge by allowing me to discover buried technical skills. Jumping, racing, and riding on the edge were what I remember most about this bike.

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a Husqvarna (a friend of the family had one and I coveted that bike) and after several summers working at the tomato farm next to the house I grew up in, I had saved up enough money. It seemed that this was the bike that could take me to the next level; and it did. I spent more time in the air on this bike than I had on the previous motorcycles. This bike was fast and light and boy did I push it to its limits. I never broke it but I sure tried. I remember times at the local motorcycle park jumping it and trying to go further and further with each jump. I would also practice maneuvers in the air such a tabletops and cross-ups. In my mind I looked like the professionals but, now that I look back, I’m sure I had a long way to go. But at least I was laying the groundwork.

As a young teen, I spent two years refining my skills on this bike. I would purposely put myself into compromising situations so I was forced to try and get out of them. I gave myself guidelines to see if I could do things like not put my feet down, climb over obstacles in first gear without using brakes, or try to stop on a hill and get going again. And my favorite, going down a steep and sandy hill as slow as possible. I learned balance and control and how to become one with the machine. I really loved the Husky and it was indeed my favorite two stroke of them all.


Yamaha 360 1972
Honda XR350 1983


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