100th post of wanderings – South Dakotans don’t like me

Today is a special day, because it is the 100th post in my blog. I started out blogging in 2010 as just a simple idea to share a little bit about my adventures and predicaments I seem to find myself in.

Today, I am reflecting and sharing with you what the blog ride has been like.

I have posted on this site 100 blogs since 2010.
The number of posts per year has increased consistently since then:

  • 2010 yielded 17 posts
  • 2011 yielded 26 posts
  • 2012 yielded 29 posts
  • 2013 will yield 30+

Most of my posts have been about traveling, and most of those travels are by motorcycle. The two most popular posts have quirky titles that, I suspect, drive traffic accidentally to my site:

Sex, motorcycles, and leather (Most popular post)
Would you like some cleavage with your cappuccino (Second most popular)

Most popular motorcycle adventure ride/locations are:

Montana’s ride to Glacier National Park
The ride to Inuvik (Northwestern Territories, Canada – first attempt)
The audience/readers are mostly US readers who live in the western half of the US.
I have visitors from every state in the US but four (South Dakota, Arkansas, Alabama, and Vermont).
I have been visited from all over the world, Canadians being my largest, Indonesian second.
The post views for the last year are about 12,000.

Image of a map of the world with most of North America, some of South America and parts of Europe and Africa shaded blue

Blog traffic for the last year of Bohemian Gypsy

I am also finally spending some real time and effort on my website. I have been busy building new categories, and adding content. Still a rough gem, but when it is ready, I will start blogging here: What’s next?

I’m going to keep blogging!

In my head I still have our recent travels to Manley Hot Springs.
I leave for French Polynesia in less than two weeks.
And next year is filled with plans!

Although Blogspot has been a good free ride, I’m moving to the next level.

Thanks for being a reader!
Please provide me with feedback on what you want to see more of in the future!

Yamaha 80 - Yellow 1970s
About Maya

My name is Maya, and I wander.


  1. It has been fun watching your development and following your adventures. Good show and looking forward to more "episodes."


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