A series of unfortunate events…

but still a grand experience.

We landed in Utah for an adventure of a different sort. In moving my website to the next level, I wanted to get quality film and photo shots. In addition, professional branding for a logo is on the list. The film/photo shots were arranged to take place in colorful red rock canyons near Moab, Utah. how soon can i take second dose of ivermectin for scabies

The idea was to have two professionals (Neal Herbert and Shakey Jake) follow us around by jeep for three days generating raw material we can use later for video bumpers. From there we are heading over to Torrey, Utah for dinner at Cafe Diablo again, and of course, the required stop at Hell’s Backbone Grill.

We headed out of Moab as planned, but it seemed like we were riddled with a series of small issues that escalated to an overheating motorcycle. We called the trip after two days and came back to Moab. durvet ivermectin sheep drench frequency

We are currently scrambling to fix the bike issues. While waiting for parts, we are going to go hiking in Canyonlands, and tonight I will write an updated blog with all the details. 4 oz. ivermectin pour on

Image of 2 motorcycles parked on the side of a dirt road next to a Jeep with the filming crew

Our little crew of 4 traveling southern Utah.

Monk's Mistress clothed in bubble wrap
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