Glenn Highway

Image of a map of the Glenn Highway

The Glenn Highway extends 179 miles from Anchorage to Glennallen, Alaska. The Tok Cut-Off is often considered to be part of the highway, making it a total of 328 miles. The longest and most traveled stretch of this highway begins in north Anchorage, continues on the George Parks Highway, and ends in Wasilla. This 38 mile stretch is the only road access into Anchorage, except for the Kenai Peninsula via the Seward Highway.

The Glenn Highway was known as the Palmer Road in the 1930s because it ended in Palmer, Alaska. During World War II it was extended due to a massive government program to strengthen bases. In the 1950s it was paved and became the road traveled today.

Maya travels this highway often and her adventures along the Glenn Highway include Anchorage, Palmer, Glennallen, and Sheep Mountain Lodge.

Maya’s blog posts about the Glenn Highway

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