Dalton Highway

Image of a map showing the route of the Dalton highway starting near Fairbanks and ending in Deadhorse

The Dalton Highway begins north of Fairbanks, Alaska, and spans 414 miles before ending in Deadhorse, Alaska. It is sometimes referred to as Alaska Route 11 or the North Slope Haul Road. This highway was originally established in 1974 as a supply road to support the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. It now directly parallels the pipeline and is known as one of the most isolated roads in the United States. ivermectin giardia dogs There are only three towns along the highway: Coldfoot (population of 10), Wiseman (population of 22), and Deadhorse (population of 25 permanent residents, 3,500-5,000 or more seasonal residents depending on oil production). shar pei and ivermectin

“The road itself is mostly gravel, very primitive in places, and small vehicle and motorcycle traffic carries significant risk. The nearest medical facilities are in Fairbanks and Deadhorse. safe human dosage of ivermectin Anyone embarking on a journey on the Dalton is encouraged to bring survival gear.” – Wikipedia

Maya has not yet traversed the Dalton Highway. It is on her long list of adventures. This page will be updated when she finally completes this highway.

Maya’s blog posts about the Dalton Highway

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