Nabesna Road

Image of a map of the Nabesna Road

The Nabesna Road connects the Slana River to the town of Nabesna, spanning 42 miles. It is not a well known road as it is a minor highway, is all unpaved, and has very few services along the way. ivermectin goat dosage oral For those who do traverse the Nabesna Road, flat tires and washouts are common. is ivermectin a restricted drug cfda

This road is maintained by the Alaska Department of Transportation, therefore most two-wheeled vehicles can use it; however, four-wheel drive is usually recommended due to heavy stream crossings. ivermectin rabbits mites

The Nabesna Road was completed in 1933 to serve as a supply route for the Nabesna Mine.

Maya’s adventures on the Nabesna Road include visits to Slana and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

Maya’s blog posts about the Nabesna Road

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