Baguettes, wine, and lots of cheese!

Many baquettes aligned in a row

Since I have landed in France, I have done nothing but stuff myself with the finer things in life. It is really easy to do that here. هازارد 2024 The French have loaded the streets with cafes serving heavy creams and carbs – A dream come true! العاب حصان سباق Pastries and breads of all sorts, and cheese (over 400 kinds are produced in France) are on every street corner. Now, there is a major contradiction going on here; with so many carbs and heavy cheeses, why are the French so slender? Why is everyone here so slender but yet constantly stuffing themselves with all this wonderful food? I discovered the answer to that question today… STAIRS. Stairs are everywhere in monuments, in all the subway stations, and on all the city streets. This is why the French are so thin. I worked off every carb I put into my mouth today.

And just when I thought I had tasted heaven, I got a crepe soaked in Grand Marnier and piled high with freshly made whipped cream slid in front of me to go with my cappuccino! I am going to have to say that this is my most decadent vacation yet. Did I mention the croissants?

Now, there are a couple of things I have noticed about the French:

  • They are all dressed very nice, even to go to the mall.
  • The men carry purses too. The Man Purse is really popular here!
  • They are always walking around with baguettes under their arms. Apparently the French do not put preservatives in their bread, so they bake it twice a day and it is readily available everywhere. This means the entire city always smells like fresh bread.
  • Most women are wearing gladiator style sandals.
  • If you do see someone with a tee shirt, it generally has a US slant to it, usually American baseball teams or Adidas logos.

Did I mention the coffee? I am having at least three cups a day! WooooooHooo

A cappuccino with lots of foam on a table outside in France.

Coffee #3 for the day, in the artists’ district.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm enjoying the virtual visit.

  2. An entire city smelling like freshly baked bread? Heaven. Absolute heaven.

    And from all I've read, the French know how to enjoy their food, but not OVER enjoy it, if you know what I mean.

    And apparently the Internet connectivity is better there than in the wilds of Alaska!

    Enjoy, bring back photos.

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