Bigfoot and Sourdough?

Red Onion Saloon. Today... a National Historic Building

Dinner in a whorehouse? Only in Skagway, Alaska!

My compadres continued traveling today across the nations while I worked in a tiny office in Anchorage. Updates on the Wandering Alaskans:

Michael called in from Skagway, Alaska. He said he finally got a small patch of dry weather and rolled into Skagway pretty damp, but warm. ديبوزيت He was planning on a much needed pizza/beer combo at the Red Onion, and a tour of the historic whore house. Tomorrow he will catch the historic White Pass and Yukon Railroad and learn about sourdough history and the Klondike. If all goes well he is catching the ferry to Juneau, Alaska Wednesday.

Jaz and Patty met up in Canada, Eh? They are learning the language in small doses. The GPS tracker has them crossing into Bigfoot territory. فورمولا ون Isn’t that where Bigfeet come from? Saskatchewan (do you have any idea how many times I had to look at a map to make sure I got the spelling right on that one?). Those gurls are really tearing up the pavement; or so I thought until I saw that Saskawhatyoumacallit is still geographically above MONTANA! And you are going to VERMONT? You gals need to stop playing so much pinball and visiting McDonald’s… I’m just saying…

Bigfoot sitting on a bench with Ronald McDonald

Safe travels to my friends on the road… اربح فلوس مجانا Live long and prosper…

Am I really packed?
Others on the road... stay SAFE!
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