Counting down the dog days!

Michael and I leave in just three days to go to California to pick up a service dog. بلاك جاك كازينو I have been struggling with my hearing loss for years, and now I am getting a hearing dog from Canine Companions for Independence to help me. I am really excited. I have been without any pets for many years. It will definitely be an adjustment.

Canine Companions for Independence doesn’t want us to blog too much while we are in training. When I get back home with my new service dog, I will keep you up to date on all the wonderful things we are learning together and on this new chapter in my life.

We will be going to the Santa Rosa, CA campus for two weeks to be trained by my companion. We do not know the sex, color, or name of my future companion. The dogs have been raised and trained and will be about two years old. لعبة الباصرة فى الكوتشينة There will be several of us working with several dogs during the next two weeks. فورملا ون By the end of the two weeks we will be paired with our new companion.

It is going to be an adventure.

We return to Anchorage, hopefully, with a new member of our family!

Visit Canine Companions for Independence to learn more about these wonderful dogs!

two black dogs share a toy

Friends let friends have a turn.

Meet my new hearing dog - Rasta
Yamaha 80 - Gray 1970s
About Maya

My name is Maya, and I wander.


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