Illy’s where are you?

Garmin GPS Device
Coffee scoop
Thin lightweight underwear – Tops and Bottoms

These are the things I forgot to pack for my adventure. I left them in Alaska. Now, you say, she can live without her coffee scoop and underwear, but the GPS device? How in the world will she keep from getting lost? Well, let me tell you, even though my Garmin consistently LIES to me (her name is Zuma), and she irritates me with her impatient voice, “Recalculating” (I know I can hear her sighing when I don’t follow her instructions exactly), we have a relationship going on. Sort of a HATE – HATE thing. I need her. Who else will interrupt my itunes music with TURN RIGHT 500 Feet, Turn RIGHT 400 FEET, Turn RIGHT 300 FEET…

Why do I need her you say? Because she leads me to roads not on any maps (this can be a bad thing), but for the most part she is good to me. She tends to fib a little around the perimeters of larger cities, and once she led me to the top of the Sandia Peak (mountain outside Albuquerque, NM) claiming boldly the road down the back side was paved (NOT). She helps me figure out which unnamed country roads allow me to get back once I have explored the roads less traveled.

So, I had her FED Ex’d to me. She arrived today.
Now I need to go buy some underwear and a coffee scoop.

As I work and pack here in Salt Lake City, I have been exploring my other hobby; finding the perfect dry cappuccino (skim milk, white fluffy cap). No one has topped Illy’s in Washington, DC. Sigh. I bombed in Anchorage, Alaska, although Sean at city market made a decent attempt. I bombed in Seward, AK – Resurrection Art didn’t cut it.

I am sitting at High Point in West Jordan, Utah. He made me a great foamy latte, but not a decent cap to be found. Also bombed in Utah with Beans and Brew, Barnes and Nobles at South Towne Mall. What I need is a classy place…. is there class in Utah?

Tomorrow I will head to downtown Salt Lake City, near the University of Utah. Perhaps I will find class there? No Illy’s though. I did a search of Utah, and the only Illy’s to be found is in Park City, Utah. Perhaps a road trip is in order.

Michael and Gene are now both safely in Seattle. Michael needed to replace his rear tire after coming down from Alaska. BMW of Seattle accommodated. Jaz and Patty are still in Vermont. I had the dates wrong for the Women’s Rally, it is still going on. Jaz and Patty have hooked up with our good friend Ruth too! Check out:

I am going to head to Idaho this weekend. Nothing like some spuds with my coffee! I’ll let you know if there is class in Idaho.

Classy Broads: "Thank goodness that menfolk still legislate control over us gals' icky bodies!" "Heavens, yes! I feel much safer knowing we ladies' dirty cooters are in good hands!" Keep Their Place!

Screams like a gurl?
Coffee scented underwear?
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