International Female Bike Day – Alaska 2014

So just like that, chatting with a friend, we decided to start an Alaskan sister event of the International Female Bike Day to take place on May 3, 2014. I created the Facebook event page.

I made a quick photo shop image incorporating the official logo.

The two of us put our heads together and decided on Talkeetna instead of Girdwood.

We start it at a chocolate lounge and end it at a beer and pizza place. موقع وليام هيل للمراهنات

What more can we do? Crowdsourced event – Just Ride. The only problem is it competes with the largest motorcycle event in Alaska. لعبة قمار للايفون Oh well. We want this to be a women’s empowering event. bwin sport  So, with that introduction, the event is born.

International Female Rider Day - Alaska 2014

International Female Rider Day – Alaska 2014

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