Motorcycles in lots of pieces… But back together again…

Janna's Java Drive-Thru Coffee Lattes Hot or on Ice

Janna’s is the only place to get coffee here!

I spent the whole day working in Tooele, Utah; quaint little town with a Taco Bell and one coffee shop. You laugh, but some of the towns in Alaska have neither. The coffee shop, Janna’s Java, actually dished out a fairly decent cup. It sits on the corner in a little pink shack that only allows drive-thru.

I resorted to automatic drip coffee today, the Folgers variety. Two pots later I was pacing the room while making various business calls to both the East and West Coasts. ivermectin by mouth for humans I think I wore out a spot in the rug.

Michael and Gene made it safely to Utah. Patty and Jaz have re-crossed the nation and are currently holed up in Alliance, Nebraska. They are splitting up tomorrow; Patty heading north to Montana, Jaz heading south to San Francisco. ivermectin animals It does not appear that I will connect with those gals on this trip on account of motorcycle repair/upgrades causing departure delays.

My bike is in a lot of pieces. I am having an extra set of lights put on (on account of a bad experience near Shiprock, New Mexico) to light up the road better. ivermectina 6 mg como tomar covid 19 Also electrical upgrades to provide a charging system for all the Apple paraphernalia, heated clothing (don’t laugh it gets cold in the North), a couple of switches, shock boots, and larger cases/luggage (to carry the heavy and large-sized government issued laptop) are some of the upgrades.

Motorcycle in pieces while being repaired

The government laptop and computer equipment are so big… I hope I can fit it all in my saddle bag…

Mechanic using computer to work on motorcycle.Hoping to leave for Montana tomorrow morning…

I’ve been off the grid – Montana worse than Alaska!
Idaho, the land of farmers…
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