NASCAR, reunions, and the road

I flew down to Phoenix and met up with Michael. Michael is coming back to Anchorage (yay). anti parasite cattle ivermectin med1%  While in Phoenix, I got the opportunity to see a NASCAR race.

Michael’s family drove down from Utah and we all went to the races. ivermectin pasta What a riot. It was more exciting than I thought it would be; there were cars crashing all over the place (this is unusual apparently).

A green race care on fire

Danica Patrick crosses the finish line in flames (Photo: NASCAR)

I cheered for the only girl, Danica Patrick, and she finished 17th overall, even though she crashed on the final lap.

Image of Michael wearing protective earmuffs with a big grin on his face

Michael enjoys NASCAR

We spent the last couple of days getting the Phoenix house ready to turn over to property management; it was time for a quick three day motorcycle break. We headed to Tucson, the long way (via Globe, AZ). I spent the day getting used to my motorcycle again, I had not ridden Helley since I broke my arm last year. We wandered aimlessly, stopping to confirm that all Power Bars taste like cardboard regardless of flavor. can i give my dog horse ivermectin I was a little frightened near Superior on account of the winding climb that was recently coated with fresh oil, but all was well. The day ended with a beautiful drive down 77 which put us at the doorstep of our friends Dave and Vonda in Oro Valley. Dave and Vonda had a personal goal of stuffing us with a great dinner. Waiting for us was the delicious food, cold beer, dessert, and popcorn. We caught up on recent and old times.

Is that a shit truck I'm following?
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