North to Talkeetna – Alaska

Morning chickas…(and chicos),

I decided to take a ride north and examine the cold wet roads of Alaska by motorbike. What better way to enjoy Easter than on the road. Jaz and I headed out of Anchorage to Palenville. It actually took a while to negotiate the heavy traffic build-up in this bottle neck of town. Free of congestion and the open road stretching ahead, we stopped at Miller’s for a classic cone and to admire the dead heads on the wall. There is nothing more comforting than licking a caramel ice cream cone with a taxidermal caribou head gazing at you through glassy eyes….

I have apparently received a new nickname. My official riding name (in those circles that create riding names…) is Huckleberry. I am told I need multiple identities; so, here are my identities:

Huckleberry – Motorcycle road-name. Came about from my joy of huckleberries while touring in Montana, and the endless talk I have done about the huckleberry lemonade from Glacier National Park.

Bohemian Gypsy – Blog name

Weekend Judy – Apparently relates to the relaxed, easy-going, pleasant, part of my personality.

Workweek Judy – the OTHER side of me…

We continued north to the Talkeetna Spur cut-off and proceeded. It was a bit nippy when we left Anchorage; all the snow has pretty much melted except for the large snowplow piles (mini-glaciers). Everything has turned brown and dirty as Anchorage goes through breakup season. Just outside of Houston, Alaska, the snow reappeared, driving the temps down and making the ride a little nippier. Heated gear, and a taller windscreen, along with a full-face helmet makes riding 60 miles an hour in 45 degrees not too bad.

All of a SUDDEN… out of nowhere, a business emerged on the right. WHAT! It has been a couple of years since I drove down this road, but, I knew this business was new. The Flying Squirrel Bakery. Of course I slammed on all my brakes for an immediate stop, overshot the driveway, and turned back. I was gone before my riding partner knew what had happened. She does know me though and was watching my reaction in her rear-view mirror. Soon, we were sipping coffee and eating quinoa carob cookies at The Flying Squirrel. Make sure you hit this gem on the way in to Talkeetna!

ciao for now… pics later!

Cartoon on flying squirrel.

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What's with all the squirrels?
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  1. For a moment there I thought you were going to say you ATE squirrel at the Flying Squirrel. Quinoa and carob are good but I've never thought of putting them together in cookies.

    A chill ride sounds pretty good for those of us in the Valley of the Sun, which is just now starting to pre-heat for summer baking temps. It was 85 yesterday … perfect for the grandson to do some Easter egg hunting in his backyard.

    Saw the huckleberry reference in this blog last year and have to admit, they sound pretty good.


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