Others on the road… stay SAFE!

Several folks are currently doing separate adventures out there. They all started alone, and I will cross paths with some of them when I start mine. Michael rode out Sunday from Anchorage and is riding to Skagway, Alaska where he is ferrying down to Prince Rupert. He is getting off the ferry and visiting cities along the Inside Passage. He will then hit amerika, travel down the coast to California, and hit the Lonely Highway (through Nevada), and end up in Utah. He does not have a blog, but follow him on Facebook!

Peppermint Patty drove out of Anchorage a few days earlier than Michael. She is riding the entire Alcan Highway to Montana. She is eventually going to Glacier National Park and then back into Canada with the goal of a trans-can trip, a visit in Vermont, then a New York leg, and eventual return to Montana. العاب تربح فلوس She is leaving her bike in Montana and flying back to Alaska to go back to work. She plans on resuming her travels later in the summer. Patty also has her own blog – check her out!

Jaz has her bike stored in amerika in California. She flew down a few days earlier and has traveled up through California, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. She is meeting Patty and joining her on most of her travels. Jaz is running her own blog also and you can check it out here. I am hoping to meet up with one or two of these folks in Wyoming or Montana. I am thinking I might be able to connect after I hit Glacier myself and travel to Yosemite with Jaz. العب اون لاين مجانا

Michael, meanwhile, will end up in Utah. I will travel to Utah after the 4th of July. Eventually, I will ride up to Montana to meet with some gifted National Park Service web folks. I am going to spend some time there learning about all the wonderful things they are doing with webstats. Michael and I are going to ride to Montana together. He will depart from Montana before me and head back to Utah. He plans on flying back to Alaska and leaving his bike parked until he returns to it in September. كازينو اونلاين

I will continue my travels from Montana to Yosemite, then back to Utah. I don’t think I will cross paths with Patty…

So, I guess there are several “Wandering Alaskan’s” out there… you all be safe… I haven’t hit the road yet, but I’m thinking about all of you!

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  1. got you linked back to icegals. And only one Z please. Im not worth two.
    Will be great to see you on the road!!!xoxo

  2. yes maam! You know with all your alter identities it's hard to get the spellings down! (thinking not spelled like the music style, not spelled like the music style…)

  3. Good fun seeing you blog, too. Love to do it, but lots of work, too. Hope we run into you somewhere along the way. Would be great to share some stories.

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