Overland Expo 2014

Adventure in the Desert – Overland Expo 2014

We are headed off to Overland Expo 2014. This is an adventure travel conference filled with courses and venders related to folks that like to travel off the beaten trail, generally by motorcycle, ATV, or a well-suited vehicle. We have scheduled a few activities we are tackling leading up to our five year around the world motorcycle adventure, and this is just one of the events we will be attending. The event kicks off in the high desert near Flagstaff, AZ.

We flew into Utah and uncovered the BMWs. They were in desperate need of love and attention. My bike was riddled with power problems from the battery drain on a set of Tourtech off road lights. I needed new lights and a new battery. Michael’s needed minor maintenance. First order of business was equipment. We spent two days in the Salt Lake City area rounding up the last of the gear and equipment. عاوز لعبه العربيات

We decided to bring our own alcohol (just simple schnapps to sip – perfect camping drink), rather than try to figure out which county we could by a bottle in on a Sunday in Utah. ملاعب اليورو 2023 It was a very good idea to do this. We brought enough to get us to Arizona! لعبة كرات

We asked Michael’s parents, Gene and Arlene, to join us for the ride. They are accompanying us to Torrey and Bluff, Utah, then down to Page, Arizona where we will split. Michael and I are planning on taking an off road detour through Valley of the Gods, while Gene and Arlene head to the hotel.

We have been concerned with the weather.

Was that a sock that flew off your motorcycle?
What was that you said?
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