A different kind of adventure!

Years ago a seed was planted for a getaway with friends to celebrate the milestone of 50. لعبة الدومينو المصريه Now, I’m not yet at that milestone, but two of the three have crossed to the other side. The getaway destination, complements of Marla, was set for French Polynesia. 

(Fast forward in time to last night)

Three good friends, having traveled from all over the country to meet in LA, raised their glasses to a champagne toast for an adventure that has arrived. We depart tonight for French Polynesia.

I’m really excited, because I think this will be a different kind of adventure. Not one filled with motorcycles, or mud and bugs – no camping or rain that makes your skin shrivel up.

This will be lying in the sun doing nothing. Reading. Sleeping. Ordering drinks. Resting. Talking and chatting with friends and getting caught up. In one of the most beautiful places on the planet. موقع 365 رياضة

You know the place… they show those wonderful grass huts sitting out above the ocean…

The plan is to fly into Tahiti. We leave tonight.

We then bounce over to Huahine for a four days, Bora Bora for an additional four days, Raiatea for four more days, and then back to Tahiti for a couple of days.

I am not sure if I will be able to stay connected on this trip. كسب فلوس If I can blog, I will do that. Otherwise…


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  1. Even adventurers need time to refill their mental/spiritual/physical "cups" in relaxing ways. Good luck and enjoy!

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