Barbie dodges dragonflies on the way to Whitehorse

What a long day! What a long SUNNY day. I got a bit of sun today. We got up early and snuck out of town. We weren’t the only ones. There were several motorcycle riders that felt the town was too crowded and they needed to hit the road. We had a long day of about 350 miles ahead of us. The road is not like a freeway; to drive in the car takes about 6.5-7 hours. The road is chip-seal with constant construction. The scenery is gorgeous but stays constant. It is easy to start day dreaming or even get sleepy when the scenery is constant. Add to that the fact that I didn’t get to bed until midnight last night on account that I had conversations with fellow motorcyclists that were too interesting to cut short. Finally, the B&B (5th Avenue) sent us out the door with full tummies, so I was a food coma waiting to happen. I highly recommend the good folks at 5th Avenue B&B – the best place to stay in Dawson. We were originally going to take a crack at Keno, but we were tired and the long day worked against us. I packed all my stuff into my saddle bags; I slimmed down on the underwear so I could pack more beer.

Several small colorful sacks on the ground next to the tire of a motorcycle

All my supplies for the week

I secured mini-barbie to my handlebars today with a couple of ties that Jaz provided. I wanted her out front so she could experience the wind blowing through her hair (and bugs sticking to her cheeks). She was riding on the side of my rear pannier earlier. She is happy up front where she can take the dragonflies head on.

Barbie secured to the front of the motorcycle with her hair very wind blown

Barbie in her new station in life

Being out on the road for long stretches like today allow me to think. I spent a lot of time thinking about the men I met this weekend. Eric road his dual sport up from Anchorage via Fairbanks with his daughter. His eyes twinkled when he talked about going to South America in five years. His wife doesn’t share his passion for riding, so he is hoping his 13 year-old daughter will.

Then I talked with Gary. He and his wife road up from Eagle River. They have been coming to do D2D for many years. He talked about a time when the ride was small and the banquet was held on the patio. He thought this might be his last year. He shared my passion of photography, and we spent some time chatting about good photos.

On the road, I as sitting off to the side and waiting for Jaz. She was in the weeds shooting photos of industrial things and rusty stuff when Dave pulled up. Dave was another Brit on the road and he was solo. He planned to ride from Houston, Texas to Seattle, Washington, but at the last minute flew into Seattle and bought a brand new bike. From there he headed north to Anchorage via the Cassier, then on to Fairbanks, Prudhoe Bay, Inuvik, and then to Dawson. He was on his way to Calgary when he pulled up. Dave was cool! He didn’t know what day it was. He thought it was Tuesday (it was Friday), and he had no idea what the date was (June 22), nor did he have any idea on when he would get where he was going. He to wanted to head down to South America. He made an attempt last year, starting at the southern tip and headed North, but disaster struck in Bolivia and he broke his leg. He said his wife is Colombian and he has family in Argentina that could be contacts. My wheels were turning while talking to Dave. Dave’s new bike was nine days old and had 8500 km on the speedometer!

A man wearing a helmet and sitting atop a very packed motorcycle

Dave from the UK

Michael and I need two more riders to come with us when we go. Any takers?

So, today I drove some of the most remote roads in Canada and Alaska with Jaz. We passed maybe 20 cars in 350 miles and I was thinking about South America – nuts.  I did have a rude awakening when my autopilot US-to-metric-conversion-on-the-fly tool failed me. The sign said turn at a speed of 40 (that was 40 km) which converts to 25 mph. It was a tight corner!

Beautiful greenery surrounded by mountains and a cloudy sky

Beautiful country today, and the sky was gorgeous

I needed coffee to pull me out of my stupor, so we stopped at Moose Creek. Some person obviously went crazy with the antlers here; the building, doghouse, and truck were all sporting racks. The baked goods and coffee were just what I needed to wake me up.

Moose antlers attached to the front of an old orange GMC truck

Moose truck?

By the time we stopped for gas, the credit card people had locked down Jaz’s account. She pre-called to let them know she would be out of the country, but yet again (this happened last year), they locked her card down. She was spitting fire at the petrol station. We tried to relax and reflected on how everyone we knew was working and we were out in the sunshine being pelted by bugs; what lucky gals we are!

I started to doze off once on the bike, but I snapped to attention when I realized, which created enough adrenaline to get me all the way to Whitehorse. No more late nights! The road from Dawson to Whitehorse was long, tiring, and a little boring. Pay attention!

We rolled into Whitehorse and checked in at Casey’s B&B. Jaz had a very heated conversation with the credit card company. At some point I heard her tell the guy on the line she was, “… going to reach through the phone, down his throat, and rip out his F*cking lungs if her credit card didn’t work tomorrow.”

Just two gals having fun! I will get her a beer and Mexican food. My credit card still works in a foreign country.

Note* I kept checking my bike for leaking beer all day. None was present.
Note** My shampoo bottle exploded from the vibration..  : (

A bottle of Black Death Porter packed securely into a motorcycle panier

No leaking bottles! Yay

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