Master Mechanic. Sugar Addict. Lover of Cinnamon Rolls, Pastries. Enjoys Dark Beer, Coffee. Daddy. Recently A Grand-Daddy. Likes Humor/Comedy. Seinfeld. Hates Diesel Fumes. Restores Broncos.

Michael standing in front of his BMW motorcycle

Michael (a.k.a Kevlar) was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to a large family. He has three brothers and from a young age was an expert trouble-maker. He and his brothers were a handful and (for their parent’s sanity), spent many hours outside. وان كارد فوري Family outings included camping, hiking, motorcycle and 4-wheel riding.

Michael’s father was a mechanic and owned an auto repair shop. Subsequently, he was exposed to mechanics at a young age and stemmed his passion for “fixing things.” Michael loves tinkering with and repairing anything; especially, restoring old cars.

Michael met Judy when they were teenagers and immediately fell for her because she liked his motorcycles. They later married and had their two daughters, Nikole and Linzy. He joined the U.S Air Force where he was a mechanic; working on military jets. العاب جديدة اون لاين The family moved to Anchorage, Alaska after he was stationed at Elemendorf Air Force Base. 31 طاولة

After 20 years in the military, Michael retired and decided to pursue his own interest. He went to school to further his mechanical abilities and, after receiving his degree, is currently an automobile mechanic – just like his dad.
Michael still loves adventures just like Judy. Though, he admits that often he just tags along beside his wife; which usually results in some crazy experience. He is proud to be a Wandering Alaskan.

Not all who wander are lost.

Kevlar’s Motorcycles:

BMW F650GS Dakar (2007)

Kawasaki KLR650 (2006)

Honda XR350 (1983)

Husqvarma 250 (1978)

Yamaha 360 (1972)

Yamaha 175 (1971)

Yamaha Maxim X750 (1985)

Rupp Mini Bike (1970)

Kawasaki KX250 (1980s)

Yamaha 80 (Yellow 1970s)

Bobcat Mini Bike (1970s)

Tote Gote (1960)

Yamaha 80 (Gray 1970s)

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