Bobcat Mini Bike 1970s

Kevlar’s First Motorcycle (sort-of) – The Bobcat created a place for Kevlar in a very active family. He developed independence and experienced friendly competition with his three brothers.

It was never classified as a motorcycle, more like a Lil Tykes rendition of a fat-tire, 5 horse power mini motorcycle. You see, as my memory is coming back to me, I must have been about five or six years old. The “mini bike” as the Kesler family called it, was better known as the Bobcat and was transferred to me like a comfortable pair of jeans handed down from an older sibling. This was my very first motorcycle/mini bike and it was now my turn to ride. I don’t really remember much, other than the huge orange speckled helmet my dad made me wear, and crashing a lot. I am thankful for the helmet since I crashed a lot those first few weekends, and let’s not forget the bruises. But, there was also the never-ending smile that still dons my face some 40 years later. The Bobcat made me mobile and I could ride with mom, dad, and my three brothers.

The Kesler family was very active; we camped and rode motorcycles almost every weekend and with the Bobcat I had my own two wheels and a voice at the evening campfires when we talked about the day’s adventure. I also had a means to antagonize and compete with my slightly older brother, Larry, who handed down the Bobcat to me and moved on to the Rupp. I sure do miss those days and am thankful for my father’s teaching and the Bobcat’s first riding sensations. My childhood memories of family, love, and fun centered around motorcycling.

Early 1970s Bobcat Mini-Bike

Early 1970s Bobcat Mini-Bike

Tote Gote 1960
New York state of mind


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