New York state of mind

Image of people waiting for the redline

Waiting for the redline 1. Times Square. New York City.

What is the New York state?

  • The dogs wear sweaters.
  • The men have hipster beards and wear lumberjack plaid shirts.
  • I keep washing my hands because everything is sticky.
  • The subway entry gates DO NOT like me – access denied. bimectin injectable Twice.
  • The bathroom in Central Park was locked. So, well, the Alaskan in me shined.
  • The food was amazing.
  • There were not as many people as I expected walking around. ivermectin and liver damage in dogs
  • Marla and I enjoyed the play and the scene.
  • We had Battery Park to ourselves. ivermectina ema
  • I could do a photographic study on the pedal bikes of New York City… and the dog sweaters.

Such was the state.

Bobcat Mini Bike 1970s
A perfect cap
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