Yamaha Maxim X750 1985 – Shared Bike

Maya and Kevlar shared ownership, experiences, and riding (single and double) on this bike. 

Maya’s Experience – A near death collision causes Maya to give up motorcycling

Kevlar’s Experience – A new chapter in road bikes

Road bike? WTF. Well, I didn’t quite know what I really wanted. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I am, however, glad I did the road bike thing. This bike really helped me to understand speed and fear. Speed, obviously this was a bike built for the road with its 11,000 RPM tachometer and a 160 MPH speedometer. And of course I had to test the limits every time I took it out. I remember Judy and I were coming back from Las Vegas and I was getting on the freeway. Judy was riding bitch (something she despises now, maybe always has). It only took about six seconds and a wheelie in every gear and I had the speedometer maxed out. Now in comparison to today’s road bikes this was nothing, but I found out that I just had to do it and it scared the hell out of me. I realized then that speed was not what I wanted.

With speed came fear. Fear of other drivers. This is something every motorcycle rider knows. There are all sorts of drivers out there – some are looking for you but some are not. Today everyone is distracted with gadgets that tend to keep eyes and minds off the road. Even though this bike was bright red, drivers didn’t always see it and cut you off. This, coupled with my need for speed, was a bad combination and I knew it. Today I keep it under the speed limit and make sure I am noticed. I always wear bright gear and lots of reflective tape to increase the likelihood of being noticed. I want to be around for a long time.

This bike did give me some wonderful memories such as Judy and I cruising the four corner states. I recall traveling on small adventures while listening to classic country tapes on the Walkman, yes we used a Walkman and still laugh about it today. The fondest memory however, was when I was washing the Yamaha in the front yard and my daughter Nikole rode up next to me on her lil tyke’s plastic three wheeler. She began washing her bike while daddy washed his. I remember that day like it was yesterday and it holds a special place in my heart. Once the Maxum X was sold it was almost 20 years before I grabbed a pair of handlebars again. Raising a family and a military career always kept me moving. All changed when I got the BMW and I have vowed to ride as long as I am capable.


Rupp Mini Bike 1970
Yamaha 175 1971


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