Blogging in French… umm where was that log-in button?

So I wanted to get a quick blog up before we left the island of Huahine, French Polynesia, and the damn blogger interface is in French!

I am currently trying to recall where the buttons are on the interface.; it is interesting. Tonight I will fiddle with the dashboard.

Basically, we are traveling to four different islands and spending four nights and five days on each.
I actually cut my last island short on account of wanting a job when I get back; everyone else is an attorney and one person is self employed. Apparently attorneys can spend lots of time away.

Here is the run down for the trip:

Image of a map with points in Alaska, the United States and French Polynesia

French Polynesia is far from Anchorage! I stopped in LA to meet the group. We all flew in together. We are below the equator, and just east of the international date line; roughly at the same latitude as northern Australia.

French Polynesia is broken up into four groupings of islands that together span 1,000+ miles. We are going to the most northwestern group, known as the Society Islands. Within the Society Islands, there are still many islands, the largest being Tahiti. The largest city and airport are located in a city called Papeete.

Image of a map with points in marking the different islands of French Polynesia

Once in Tahiti, we boarded a plane immediately for Huahine. After Huahine, we will go to Bora Bora, and then Raiatea, then back to Tahiti. My stay in Tahiti will only be two days.

A toast to dinner, even if we don’t know what we just ordered
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