Coffee scented underwear?

So, TSA wanting to ensure I wasn’t packing explosives(?), took the liberty of opening one of my bags of coffee. Now, they did seal it back up… sort of. All my clothes smell like coffee now. But this is okay! There are worse things to smell of…

I landed in Utah earlier today, and right when I got to my mother’s house, a plate of hot steaming homemade tamales was placed in front of me. This is going to be a tough patch, I need to run 15 miles to equalize the damage I did tonight.

I unpacked most of my gear and books. Tomorrow at 5AM I shall go pick up my motorcycle. My bike is out in storage in Tooele, Utah. I will also spend some time finding an internet provider that I can take on the road and have reliable connectivity. How can you work on the road without internet connectivity. I will say… an ingenious charging system is being added to my motorcycle that will charge laptops, iphones, and anything else I need charged. I can go for days in a campground without electricity; if I can get a good satellite internet connection, I am rocking!

Email checking, reading, and getting office setup tomorrow are the rest of the tasks. Boring, but at least I am getting there!

Michael, having been stranded in Ketchikan, AK (due to septic problems of the Alaska State Ferry), is now back on the road and made it past Prince George last night. He hopes to roll into Vancouver tomorrow. It appears he may be having a little engine problem, but hopefully nothing serious. With luck he will be in Seattle soon. Two more folks, Gene and Ron, are leaving Utah tomorrow morning to meet Michael in Seattle. They hope to do coastal explorations and then be back in Utah around the 13th.

Jaz and Patty must be on there way to New York by now, the Women’s Rally in Vermont was for the holiday… check out their blog links off my page.

I am working, planning, and researching here in Utah for the next few days. I won’t be hitting the road until next week.

Ride on!

Judy K.

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