So, I started my trip with a wobble in the front end of my motorcycle. I have pretty much decided, after experimenting with repacking, that I am carrying too much weight in the rear and need to change the dynamics or lighten the load. Needless to say, every day that passes and I watch my toothpaste and shampoo stock decrease, I smile. I wonder how many times I need to brush my teeth before the wobble goes away. These are the things I ponder now… 

Our ship from Haines arrived in Juneau late at night and we drove straight to the Silverbow Inn in downtown Juneau. The ladies there were waiting for us because we were the last guests to check-in. They were very courteous and accommodating, and before I knew it we had committed to staying with them on the way back out. Check-out was at noon, but our next ferry didn’t leave until 1 a.m. the following day. The Silverbow offered to let us hang out in their lobby until 11 p.m. This was a good thing, since it would be easier and quieter than the ferry terminal.

Image of the inside of a coffee shop

Silverbow Inn

We awoke fresh from quality sleep and headed over to The Rookery for a breakfast burrito. There was a small child running in circles and screaming at the top of his lungs. His feet pounded on the hard wooden floors. Jaz and I took bets on how many laps he could make. She said three (it was a large area), and I said five. The kid was still running at seven when I realized I had a headache. I considered pushing my chair out as he passed, then I considered punching his mother. I kept thinking, “Chill out, you are on vacation. Relax.” But, I could feel myself getting twisted over the disrespect. By lap 11, I reached a peaceful place by imagining all sorts of nasty things happening to the child. I felt guilty for a short bit and then swallowed some Advil.

Image of a child running inside a coffee shop

I fantasized about killing this kid

Jaz realized she had forgotten her camera battery charger. Since the mission was to shoot the totem poles in Sitka, we needed to track down one in Juneau or have her housemate overnight airmail it to Sitka. We wandered around looking at shops and it appeared that everything was closed. Eventually we figured out the town was running on cruise ship hours, which meant we killed a few hours waiting for things to open up. We found a charger and headed back to the hotel to grab the motorbikes and rush out to the Mendenhall Glacier. Once we learned that four effing cruise ships would be docking in town in the next little bit, we realized we wanted to stay ahead of the buses. Since the glacier would probably be a popular stop for them, we rushed out to beat the crowd.

Image of the streets of Juneau

Peaceful streets of Juneau – no cruise ships but nothing is open.

Image of Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall was amazing, and the hike to the waterfall was beautiful. The water flow was impressive. I stood for a short period in front and the spray coming off the falls was so thick it was like being in a shower. There was a small pond where the waterfall was reflecting on the surface and no one saw it but Jaz. I commented to her that she is so observant. She notices everything in her environment, unlike me, who can stumble into all kinds of situations because I am not aware. I’m trying to be more aware. It is easier when you are on holiday. The sun was shining and the sky was beautiful. Just as we got back to the parking lot, the cruise ship passengers were arriving by the bus loads.

Image of a valley below the glacier with gorgeous blue/green water

The valley below the glacier, notice the water line where the glacier water mixes with non-glacier water.

Image of scenery with a glacier in the background and a reflective puddle in the front

A reflection for the observant

Image of a large spray of water alongside a rockside

A not so subtle spray

Image of Judy standing in front of a massive waterfall

Me enjoying the spray off the waterfall

Image of several large ferries in a dock

The ferries have landed

We then drove to the end of the northern road, Echo Cove, and someday probably the road to Skagway. The drive was amazing. We got hung up with road construction and another pilot car, but the wait was worth the view on the beach. There was a tree swing hanging on the beach that we both looked at but neither of us wanted to try. Our girlhood ambitions have been swapped with the fear of a hurt back.

Image of a very lush and green forest

Echo Cove – The forest is so lush here

Image of Jaz walking across a beach

Jaz enjoying the beach.

Image of a tedious looking log attached to a tree as a "swing"

The swing we did not dare try

Image of a motorcycle stuck behind a long line of cars waiting for a pilot vehicle

30 minute pilot car wait.

Back in town, we headed over to Tracy’s for the best crab in town. The place was a zoo because of the ships, but the crab was wonderful as was the fresh on tap Alaskan Amber (brewed here in Juneau). We were so stuffed we needed to walk around town to burn off the crab.

Image of a line of people outside of a red crab shack with a sign reading, "Tracey's"

Tracy’s Crab Shack

Image of two women serving beer with a neon sign behind them reading, "Alaskan Amber"

The Alaskan Amber beer girls

Image of the inside of a crab shack with lots of people eating

Serious crab eating going on

Image of a close up for Judy's hand holding a piece of crab flesh

Very tasty king crab

Image of a sign reading, "Tracey's Crab Shack Best Legs in Town"

Best legs in town.

We stopped off at the hotel and read a bit before heading over to catch the ferry to Sitka. They lined us up in little rows (we were told to go to row 7), to pack you in the boat in a manner that allows easy departure based on destination.

Image of Judy's motorcycle parked behind Jaz and her bike behind several parked cars

Row “7” to Sitka

Image of a motorcycle cramp packed with gear

And I thought I was heavy in the ass end

We were excited because we thought we were going to board soon. We ended up being the absolute last on the boat. We got the last room, and apparently the last towel (our room had only one). I was so tired by the end of an extremely long and busy day. I sat staring at my shoes. I noticed how busy they were and then I realized I was AWARE of my shoes!

Image of two motorcycles parked behind several large vehicles inside a ferry on deck

Bikes parked inside ferry on deck

Image of a small sleeping area with Judy's bags spread out and a cup of coffee on the ladder to the top bunk

My sleeping quarters to Sitka

Image of Judy's shoes resting on the ladder to the top bunk, with a cup of coffee on the ladder

My shoes… I am aware of them

Image of Kleenex tissues stuffed into the sides of a vent

Two Kleenexes separate Princess Cruise Lines from the State of Alaska Ferry System!

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