Is that you Marilyn Monroe?

Hearst Castle
The town of Cambria was foggy in the morning, making it difficult to find breakfast without a GPS. We wandered around town but it seemed like nothing opened until 8 a.m. The little café took pity on us when Jaz pressed her nose up against the plate-glass window; they invited us in 20 minutes early.

Today we headed over to the Hearst bungalow, it is something interesting to see if you are in this neck of the woods.

Image of Hearst bungalow

Hearst bungalow

William Randolph Hearst (WR) hired a female architect to create this structure and then micromanaged it for 25+ years, not quite finishing it before his death.

Image of intricate molding around a doorway

Julia was definitely a skilled project manager – molding around a doorway.

The architect, Julia Morgan, designed a simple house for Hearst that is pretty amazing. Also amazing was Julia – 1st female engineer to graduate from Berkeley, first female to graduate from the European architectural institute she attended, and had a female-owned firm in 1906 with male employees.

Black and white image of five people, Julia in the middle

Julia in the middle. I forgot to get the photo credit for this gem, but it was in the exhibit at the Hearst Castle.

Image of the outdoor pool

Outdoor pool

Hearst’s bungalow was amazing, the art within is equally amazing, the view was spectacular. And the pools! You must see them.

We wandered around and discussed how the place was so big that you would have to have an army of people living with you to not feel lonely.

Image of Indoor pool

Indoor pool

Elephant Seal Beach

Further up the coast we visited the Seal Beach. Too late to see the males, we took pictures of hundreds of females basking in the sun. One particular female found shiny wrap and I watched her play with it – as much as a round slow fat creature with short arms can play. She wore herself out in no time and fell back asleep. Jaz and I decided they were like short-legged cows. Sat around and did not much of anything…

Image of many seals laying on the beach

Short legged cows, no-grazing

Image of seal sleeping on a foil toy

Tired seal with foil toy


There are two lighthouses in this area, and you need appointments to visit either one of them – neither of which we did. Take the time, they look wonderful.  We shot one from a distance.

Image of the beach from a lighthouse

Lighthouse and beach

Image of Judy with the ocean in the background

Me and ocean

Tree Bones – Big Sur

Right about the time we were hungry, we stumbled across this place. Some folks in the campground said the place was amazing, and the view unforgettable – sounded right up our alley. Off we went. This place overlooks the ocean. It is a collection of yurts with incredible food. This place is the base camp for eco-adventures and tourism, and if you really want to take it to the next level, you can sleep in nest. Very new age and (do I dare say it) hippyish. The food was to die for; locally grown, organic, and healthy. We watched whales below play in the ocean while we had lunch. Up the road is a hermitage if you’re into that. The environment here was definitely serene.

We meandered north enjoying the drive to Monterey Bay. Coastal flowers, scenic ocean vistas and occasional stops all afternoon.

Image of Cannery Row

Cannery Row

Once in Monterey, we walked around and looked in cheesy gift shops, enjoyed interpretive displays about Steinbeck, and watched the sunset near Cannery Row.

What would Marilyn Monroe look like with tattoos and piercings?

If Marilyn was young today what would she look like? She would have tattoos and piercings! This metal sketch was in a gift shop in Cannery Row.

Image of the sunset

Sunset and wine

This morning we head out to catch the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Image of Jaz standing on a balcony with a portrait of Steinbeck

Jaz and Steinbeck

The trail of closed lighthouses
Is that a Kiss Dispenser?
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