No words can describe Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the island dreams are made of. It was perfect. Everything you see in the magazines is what you get. There really is a place where little bungalows sit about turquoise colored water, a place where the sunrise and sunset, stars and moon, are so loud you can’t help but watch the scenes play out like a movie that has captured your attention. You can sit for hours and stare at the landscape.

Time slows way down and you lose track of what day it is, even what month. No matter where you rest your head for a period of time, creating patterns seems to be what we gravitate towards. Here the pattern was rise and watch the sunrise, walk on the beach, eat breakfast (spend nearly two hours doing this), watch the fish, go back to your private deck, bask in the sunshine while you take a nap, wake up and turn, bask in the sunshine while you read, take an afternoon swim, take a walk, nap, have a beer, go indoors and snack, go back outside and nap in the sun, walk to the bar and get a drink. Discuss dinner plans, have dinner, drink, watch the sunset. Read. Get up and repeat four more days. Thus was the pattern of Bora Bora. We saw turtles, we kayaked under the bungalows (the bungalows had glass floors), we skinny dipped under the moonlight. I sunbathed topless…. Everyone spoke French… it was an amazing place, but warning: It is the most expensive place I have ever been. Save your pennies! Make sure you see this place once in your lifetime. We stayed at Le Meridian. Splurge and get the over-water bungalow.

The water was amazing. The service was amazing. The food was amazing. I can’t even begin to describe for you all what this place is like, you just have to come and experience it.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the words eventually and sampling the photos for now.

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