The roads to Canada are paved with flowers

Purple and yellow wildflowers growing along the highway.

Flowers growing wild along the Richardson Highway

We headed out of Anchorage for a repeat of the first 318 miles from previous weekends; past the city of god all the way to, “one toke over the line.” The Richardson was in full bloom with many types of flowers. We saw trumpeter swans with their chicks, moose, and lots of squirrels.

I was not as stressed out packing for this trip as I had gotten into the routine of throwing everything on the floor from the previous trips. So, I had less distance to go to gather the items for this trip! I spent more time fiddling with the bike getting it finally up to conditions. The gas can mounts are nifty and allow me a range of 350 miles away from civilization before I have to worry. The distance between Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada and Eagle Plains is 255 miles, and this is the longest leg of this particular journey.

I kept trying to update the blog in Tok, but the Amish gremlins kept technology at bay. In fact, at some point in frustration Jaz said,

“I will give you some bandwidth. Let me sign off.”

We decided the wireless connection goes to a hub that is then connected via a dial-up. We entertained ourselves trying to recreate the sound effects of a 14.4 modem.

We gave up and focused on breakfast. I will have to play catch-up to the catch-up. We relaxed and talked about holidays, time without work, and dropping out of society and never looking back. At one point I caught her looking at a hot pink Post-It note. She seemed to be chanting it internally and burning it into her head. What such critical message would require her to carry it around in her pocket? I asked her what it said and she read it to me:

“Remember to go back to work on July 11”

Let’s spend Canada Day in the U.S. and the 4th of July in Canada
“I suggest you don’t go up there without a rifle”
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