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So, I am working in the office today, trying to make sure that I have my office packed for the road. I still need to put in 80 hours a pay period when I hit the road; it is the traveling I will be juggling. I need an internet connection and power to do my job, so any coffee shop will do!

I bought a new pair of shades at REI yesterday that will hopefully help out with glare on the road. I left my last good pair somewhere in Durango, CO. See, I was freaked by a lightening storm and bad rain, and I set them down on an electrical box nearby while I fiddled with my helmet strap. ivermectin para que se utiliza A major lightening bolt with resounding “bang” from the thunder scared the crap out of me and I drove off without my damn glasses!

I hope to not do that again…

Packing and planning for the road… what is ivermectin 3 mg tablet used for what does a gurl need for minimal travel?
Amidst the Strategic Planning and Web Analytics books is the camping French press and the pocket knife. Hmmm… where is that bug spray?

Others on the road... stay SAFE!
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