Would you like some cleavage with your cappuccino?

Welcome to Seattle! A quick three day trip to sip coffee, shop, and visit the motorcycle shops of the greater Seattle area were my plans. There are many good things about this area; good coffee, good food, my daughter lives here, great culture and art. The coffee is so good here that, perhaps, places with coffee that is not so good must resort to other tactics?

I have heard about the bikini barista brigade before, but I have never actually experienced brassieres with my breves.

A barista with long blonde hair and large breasts wearing a pink polka dotted bikini


Cowgirls. How did this happen you ask? It started out with Michael and I wanting an innocent cup of coffee. We did not want Starbucks, we are in Seattle for gods sake. We left McChord AFB and headed North towards SeaTac. I turned on the iPhone map feature, got our position, and typed in coffee for search. We got three places in the general area we were passing through (Lakewood). Nikole later said, “… oh… that’s why you were in Lakewood.”

Sounds innocent enough. I’m not reading breasts into my coffee shop title. We find the place; it’s a small drive though with a long line. Next (we wanted to sit down and chat).


Okay, now where I am from, this means girls or boys that know how to make coffee. We got Bikini Baristas! They had close to nothing on while making your coffee. We passed.

A barista with long black hair wearing a bikini while making a coffee


Place down the street: SWEET CHEEKS!

This one I could decipher the hidden meaning.
“Can I have some more Sweet with my Cheeks?” Michael bursts out laughing.  We had coffee at Starbucks.

The names will be changed to protect the innnocent
Hatcher Pass here I come!
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  1. No one should have to see that much skin to get coffee!

  2. I can think of a couple of baristas that this could have worked for … with some modifications 😉

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