Barbie does Chicken

We pulled out of Tok without breakfast. We figured a couple of protein shakes and an apple was good enough to get us to Chicken, Alaska. It was a lot smokier this morning than yesterday, enough to sting your eyes and make you cough. I tied a bandanna, damp with water, over my nose. It helped to block out most of the smoke. I rode that way until the smoke was minimal.

Image of Judy wearing motorcycle helmet and a scarf with flames print around her face with sunglasses; her face is completely covered.

Unplanned fire print on scarf I tied around my face to block the smoke!

Someone died yesterday doing what they love. This makes it easier to swallow, but I wish I wouldn’t have seen his motorcycle underneath that 40 foot motorhome. We passed the accident site from yesterday.

You knew. You just knew he didn’t make it.
I saw the one long, dark, ominous skid mark that crossed the center-line into the oncoming lane. I averted my eyes. Lots to think about on the road.

Image of a windy road with numerous breaks in the pavement

The road is filled with corners and breaks in pavement covered with loose gravel. It is definitely a road motorcyclists should be careful on.

The road stretched across the mountains like a long ribbon; non-existent traffic. The road was good, except corners were extra “gravelly.” Soon we were in Chicken, eating breakfast and watching the tourists watch us. They bought knick-knacks of chickens and selected from the smorgasbord of baked goods that were prepared just for the tour buses. We loaded up quickly, wanting to get out on the road ahead of the tour bus; the dust behind tour buses is awful!

The women on the tour bus gathered around my motorcycle to stare at Barbie strapped to my handle bars. It delighted them. They took pictures of Barbie. We left

Image of two motorcycles parked outside of a building that includes the town saloon and grocery store.

Chicken, Alaska

The road continued north to the Klondike. At Jack Wade intersection the road got worse. Alaska is getting ready to pave the road to the border – construction.

We crossed through the border with no problems. Running the GoPro while we traveled over the most spectacular part of Top of the World Highway; it was a gorgeous day to film. I think the best part is about two miles before the border and ten miles into Canada.

We rode straight down to the Yukon River and managed to get right on to the ferry. We parked our bikes and waited to cross. Once on the other side, they emptied our row first – us bring up the rear. So, here I am riding my bike across the boat decking, when the motorhome in the next lane (thinking no one is there) starts taking off and coming over into my lane. I’m thinking, “WTF!” I have nowhere to go. I lay on the horn so he at least knows we are there. He slams on the breaks. The ferry attendant notices what is going on and halts his lane. We are free to get off the boat. Welcome to Dawson!

Image of a very small building with a sign atop reading, "Welcome to Dawson City"

Welcome to Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada

Image of Michael posing on his motorcycle parked next to Judy's bike.

Michael on the ferry crossing over the Yukon River into Dawson.

Michael had developed a leaky fuel line. We stopped at the hardware store, and tried to repair it with wire. It was holding, but not well. We decided a backup is needed. Michael makes it to Napa by the skin of his teeth for a new hose.

Image of a sign on a boardwalk reading, "Open: Thai massage, foot massage, appointment 993-3891" with a motorcycle in the background

Thai massage near the water’s edge.

Thai massage, dinner at Klondike Kate’s (buffalo tostada), and lots of Black Death porter. We decided the right amount of Black Death to consume is the amount that didn’t cause you to fall off the boardwalks. We drank the right amount.

Image of a yellow building with a sign reading, "Klondike Kate's Cabins"

Home of Death in the Klondike. Make sure you stop if you are ever here!

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  1. Good word pictures, even without the other kinds (still/moving). Perhaps GoPro should sponsor the next trip.

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