Chicken pot pies in Chicken, Alaska

We both lounge reluctantly in bed this morning, listening to the rain bounce off the metal roof. It has been coming down steady for hours. The weather forecast for Alaska today looks just as bleak. We need to cross high on the Top of the World Highway today because it has the potential of turning into a muddy nasty slippery mess. We drink more coffee.

From Dawson to the Canadian Border we have mostly gravel (about 66 miles), but from the border to Chicken, Alaska it’s mud (about 110 miles). Sigh.

Iā€™m thinking a hot chicken pot pie in Chicken will be in order. We also need to cross the ferry one least time to get to the US side. Long day in the rain.

Top of the World - Alaska
The Paddlewheeler Graveyard
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  1. The video of the paddlewheel graveyard gives an idea of their scale in a way that the photos did not. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with the Chicken run. After that much rain and mud, a good hot pot pie would probably be most welcome. šŸ™‚

  2. Looks like you made it to Chicken (and beyond) — but can't interpret the angling on the GPS path.

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