Learning how to have a successful web presence

Today I am sitting in a coffee shop learning how to make my dreams come true.  Imagine if you could be out there doing what you love to do (whatever that may be) and provide a virtual shop (in whatever form you like) where you can share your experience and make enough money doing it to continue financially supporting your passion. Wouldn’t that be the bomb?

This is what I going to try.  I am going to travel around the world by motorcycle and attempt to digitally share that experience (whatever that means). I will create digital products that area reasonably priced to fund the venture/life.

Today, I am learning how to build a website that is cheap, flexible, easy to build, and provides enough punch in the design that it will please my “attention to detail” tendencies.

I found a book, Get Your Photography on the Web by Rafael Concepcion. It is very good, easy to follow, and his instructions allowed me to create this website. It is a work in progress. I had the whole site skeleton built and up for less that $400 (for one year) and two days of time.  Now I am trying to customize it. I want to build pages and a gallery. This blog is a simple test to understand the interface.

Profiles and Settings... Gravatars and Avatars
My first "First Friday" was a sucess!
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