Profiles and Settings… Gravatars and Avatars

I woke up at 2:30 AM. What does a gurl do when she can’t sleep? She turns on her laptop and spends more time learning about building and running a site for her dream. Tonight, I am watching line tutorials from on WordPress.

WordPress is the base open source structure I am using for

I just learned how to update my profile (I am no longer “admin”) and that there is now a feature called Gravatar.

Gravatar seems to be a service that uses a standardized profile and avatar for your web presence. From Google to Facebook to any other presence you may have, it allows you to globally link them. This feature/service allows you to control and standardize your digital information profile to one across many platforms. I suppose I need an avatar to go with my new presence.  I will work on that on another sleepless night…


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