North to Inuvik – Again

Unfinished business.
You recall a couple of years ago Jaz and I made a run for Inuvik, Northwestern Territories, Canada. The rain and the dangerous conditions caused two fairly (I said fairly) reasonable women to call it at the Arctic Circle. لعبه ضومنة The ride (2000 miles round-trip from Anchorage, AK, nearly 900 miles of dirt, and four days of rain) can turn into a muddy stew that makes you re-evaluate your goals. This was very evident by the five crashes and one med-vac that occurred while we were on the road last time.

Yesterday, Michael and I started another attempt to reach this northern Inuvialuit (real people) community. We rolled out of Anchorage and we are currently in Tok, Alaska. لعبة الكرات The holiday traffic was bumper to bumper near Glennallen, and the smoke is in the air near Tok.

There are two forest fires we are watching: The Moon Lake Complex (which we passed by without too much trouble) and the Testlin Ridge fire. مكان يورو 2023 The latter is near the junction of the Taylor Highway, where we plan to cut through.

Locals this morning are telling us the smoke over the Taylor is pretty bad. We are a little concerned about breathing smoke for hours. We are going to press through as quickly as possible, tonight we should cross into Canada and land in Dawson.

Our goal:

Map with point A starting in Anchorage and point C ending in Canada

2000 miles round trip from home – 800 on the dirt.


Trapped in Tok
Looking For Death
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