Still holed up under the dead head drinking Lead Dog Ale

The dead head is of course from a massive moose and is hanging over me in the bar. قوانين البلاك جاك

Bottom view of a large moose head on the wall.

My view looking straight up, for two days.

To make matters worse, I just found out I am drinking the last bottle of dark beer in the place! The restock truck does not arrive until tomorrow. I hope I am long gone before that!

I failed to mention a horrible, horrible thing that occurred yesterday; something that will scar me for life.

I came to the bike yesterday and saw Jaz talking to a nice couple from Holland. مواقع لربح المال She was holding her keys out towards them. They said, “No,” and quickly got in their car and left. I asked Jaz what that was all about. Apparently (in the stress of the moment), while recovering from her gruesome day with IFR she had lost her senses. She was actually offering to trade our motorcycle keys to the couple in exchange for their MINIVAN! A damn MINIVAN! I was horrified.

I have got to admit, she did quickly pull it back together. موقع بوكر Now she is concerned that I will tell everyone that she suggested such a thing. I swore I would only blog about it.

I think we are making a home here. The locals have embraced us and have been asking a lot of questions about beers in Anchorage, gambling in Alaska, and what life as a native is like in Alaska and the US. We received the ultimate gesture of hospitality when they offered the garage bay to store our bikes out of the weather.

A small working area with laptop on a desk and chairs.

Playing with my hipstamatic app. This is where I have been hanging out for two days waiting out the rain. The folks at Eagle Plains Lodge have been wonderful.

Either the sun will come or the beer truck. I am not sure which will arrive first. It rained all day today again and the roads have not improved. Here is hoping for sunshine.

The bartender said, “The beer truck showing up on time is more dependable than the sun showing up."
Two Inuvik residents (while in Dawson) ask me, "Where Are You Going?"
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