The bartender said, “The beer truck showing up on time is more dependable than the sun showing up.”

With that in mind, we have decided to press north to see what we can see. Before I went to bed last night, the sun shined on the boggy roads for at least two hours. If it holds through the night, it may not be so dangerous. We have heard that the road from here to above the Arctic Circle holds up well, and we should be able to do at least another 40 kilometers.

It’s good that we move on, one way or another. We were sitting around drinking and eating – not a good hobby to have. We were also keeping the locals amused. At one point, I wondered if the full-bodied stuffed caribou in the corner was male or female. You see, both males and females have antlers. This started a discussion about the only way we could really tell is for one of us to walk over and, “check the animal out.” This of course had the Canadians rolling on the floor, including the owner. Now, I was not going to crawl under a stuffed dead caribou to determine its sex, no matter how bored I was. Jaz was game. It was male. The owner also confirmed. There you have it! This is what we do when we are bored.

A large stuffed caribou with Jaz standing close by

Jaz trying to determine the sex of a stuffed caribou.

On a heavier note. We will be careful and slow tomorrow. My bike does not weigh as much as Jaz’s. If she goes down, she is coming in at an estimated 1200 pounds. ivermectina cuantas gotas tomar Pick that up in the mud. The entire time we have been here other riders have been amazed that she has gotten that bike up here. We actually think that her weight, low center of gravity, and insanity, are the winning combo. Here is where I add my disclaimer: she is a trained professional at being insane, don’t try this at home. All of us with dual sport motorcycles are top heavy. Even with our nobby tires and when packed efficiently, we still wobble when the bike slides and wiggles. If Jaz had put better suited tires on her Harley she would put us all to shame. I keep telling her to write an article for some Harley focused magazine. Maybe she will. The larger 1200 BMWs are doing the worst. They are the heaviest of the dual sports and seem to be the most top heavy. My KLR is doing fine, but the wobbles are frightening in the mud. The are a fare amount of Suzuki’s up here too. And of course one Harley.

Wish us luck. We are riding into the sunrise (I wrote this last night, so hopefully I am right).

I really like Canada. The Canadians are getting it right it seems. We keep wondering what it would take to become citizens, but then I recall their latitude is still pretty high for what I thirst. I have spent too many years in Alaska and I want warmer climates. Besides, I am wondering when the Canadians are gonna build a wall along their border to keep us out… we are so silly.

Update: The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky! It is warming fast. We should be on the road by 8AM. can i use horse ivermectin for my dog Not sure what wi-fi is like at the top of the world, but I hope I find out. .05% ivermectin for heartworm prevention The GPS is acting up and I am not sure if it is working. I changed out the batteries again.

The end of the line...
Still holed up under the dead head drinking Lead Dog Ale
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  1. Klondike/Dempster. Getting gas or is there lodging? Long day.

  2. Nope. Answered my own question. Bearing down on Dawson and that porter.

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